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Batu Caves

One word. Monkeys. Little ones. Big ones. Mean ones. Thieving ones. All around are all these monkeys, surrounding the entrance to the Batu Caves, snacking, wrestling, or playing.

Yes, there were a lot of monkeys, but that wasn’t all. Hundreds of pigeons swarmed the ground, eager to snatch away any scrap morsel of bread. To the side of a temple, there also was an exquisite petting zoo, beckoning all the tourists to touch a special white peacock.

But the animals aren’t all of the Batu Caves. We rounded the corner and stopped, astounded by the view. Up two hundred and seventy-two steps of colorful stairs lay the vast opening to the Batu Cavern. (Here’s a pic of me and the stairs. 😀)

After a breathtaking (literally) climb up the vibrant steps, I stood at the top, with the city behind me and the dark cavern before me.

We entered into the cave. The loud sound of mysterious music echoing off the walls of the cave set an eerie atmosphere. The tall ceilings wept, as if sorrow was rooted in their very souls, dripping cold water onto the stony floor and slickening it. Another temple stood in the darkness of the cavern. We continued on and climbed yet more stairs into an open area of the cave, where light filtered in, brightening the cavern.

We laughed at a few roosters strutting about. The strangest things you find in caves. 😂.

After a few photoshoots, we headed back to the entrance. Once outside, we had to go back down the stairs. Being a big group, we of course, went down the stairway with the least amount of tourist. We soon figured out why it was void of visitors. It was practically reserved for monkeys. Monkeys of all sizes wrestled with one another. I, thankfully, made it down all two hundred and seventy-two steps without any bad encounters, but the others in my group didn’t fare so well. My sister had a monkey jump onto the bag she was holding and swing on the pom-pom. Another monkey tried to snatch my other sister’s shoes off her feet. A big monster monkey threatened passage to my brother and parents by baring its teeth and getting ready to spring, and for the sake of peace, my family scaled the railing. Yes, the monkeys are quite fierce.

We walked past the temple, incense still in our noses from the offerings make to the idols there. So many people lost to this world. So many blinded to the truth. But as Christians we have this glorious hope. We know that God still loves these people who do not follow him. That God is still willing to forgive them. He loved them so much that He sent His Son to die for them to live (John 3:16). Isn’t this wonderful! 😃

God be praised for all the amazing things He has done and will do! And remember, be a “Blaze in the darkness”.

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