Dawn Wild’s Adventure

Dawn Wild wrote this hilarious story of her adventure in our hotel. I myself was laughing through it in real life (I wonder if all the giggles had anything to do with soda pop I had before 🥤😁). Here’s her story.

It all started with the slippers. Due to my own laziness I decided to not take off the hotel slippers. You know, the junky white throw-away shoes. So I told Bella that I was gonna wear them to go down to take our luggage to the car. I grabbed my large gray duffle bag. These are what we put our backpacks in so that they can go under the plane without getting ruined. So I put this duffle on my back. The straps on them are just straps, so they cut into your skin.

Anyway, I had the duffle on my back and another duffle on the top of a suitcase. I glanced at the hotel slippers once again, and said aloud that maybe I should just wear normal shoes.

“Nah, you should just do it for the experience.” Indy Wild assured me.

“Okay, I’ll see what it’s like to be somebody who wears funny shoes. ” I replied. So we exited our hotel room. We all hoped our elevator would be empty, and luckily it was. (I’m laughing right now as I write this!) The elevator carried us down without any stops. We joked that we would tell people to come in with us. We were all carrying so much stuff that there was no room. So finally we reached the right floor. Everyone else piled out the elevator but my dad and I, and maybe some little kids were in it too.

I glanced at the people waiting and saw three guys waiting. I giggled as I started to step out of the elevator. I pushed the suitcase out in front me, allowing the suitcase to go first, a bad mistake. The hole between the elevator and the floor grabbed the wheels of the suitcase. Toppling the suitcase over, along with the duffle that was sitting on top, and of course me too. My mind flashed, “Hide those silly shoes”. But, alas, I was almost sitting on top of the fallen over bag and case. That’s when my naughty giggle box busted. No matter what I did the unstoppable giggles managed to slip from my lips. So due to all the laughing I couldn’t even set up the bags. Suddenly someone, a middle-aged hotel worker, began to help me pick up the bags.

By the way, Indy and Bella were standing in the corner laughing as this was happening, and my dad was laughing behind me. So even trying to stop giggling was out of the question. Finally, the bags were standing up. I thanked the guy who had helped me. Then we left into the parking garage (still laughing).

I was walking, still conscious of my funny slippers. So STILL laughing, we walked toward our car. Our laughing sort of died down a little bit. But on the way the same thing happened to my dad, causing the guard to try to help him. We all laughed the more. Finally, we got to the car. We started to load our van. And as I was passing by Bella my shoe slipped off and Bella drove a suitcase right over my shoe! My special slipper! The wheel from the suitcase made a track on the white shoe.

Anyway, we were by the door and guess what? That hotel worker showed up, I couldn’t help giggling. Finally, we got in the elevator, with only two other people. One grumpy guy and another guy. I laughed into my hand as I glanced at my feet dressed in disposable house slippers.

“Nice shoes, Dawn.” My dad said, rather loudly. And of course, Indy and I began to laugh even more. As soon as we stopped for a second, we began again. The lift halted on a floor, and one man turned to us and said. “Happy family.” Then he stepped out onto the floor.

We rode to our floor. As soon as I stepped from the elevator, I burst into giggles. I think I learned my lesson. Never wear disposable slip-on shoes out of your hotel! 😂

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