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Qatar; Part One

I was absolutely so excited. My exhilaration mounted as I stepped into the sweltering heat of Qatar. With a cool day of 44 °C, Qatar excelled Thailand’s temperatures by far. Our tour of the city would only last three hours, and I was going to enjoy every moment of it.

We were welcomed aboard the tour bus by a British native, who had a hilarious sense of humor. Slowly, our bus led us away from the airport and into the thriving city. We were finally off into the beautiful desert peninsula of Qatar.

Our first stop was at a museum, where we just stepped out see the harbor.

Rustic, romantic boats lined the sea, revealing a bit of the history of Qatar. According to Mr. Brian, our tour guide, Qatar’s main income came from pearl hunting, before it was a surpassed by Japan when Japan developed a easier and smarter way to produce pearls. Qatar was at loss with what to do, for it no longer had anything to give the world. When oil was found in the sandy land of Qatar, Qatar rose from poverty, bringing prosperity and tall buildings with it. 😉

After only five minutes there, we continued on to our next stop, which was a delightful amphitheater.

Mr. Brian demonstrated the amphitheater’s sound affects by singing a melody. (I myself was tempted to sing a song too, but I spared everyone else from my croaking).

The back of the theater beheld the ocean, and the wind swept across our hot faces. Qatar may be hot, yet the heat hasn’t stolen its beauty. I was having a great time. And that was only the first part of our tour.

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