Nasi Lemak

Every country has a special meal it is known for. Italy is known for pizza. Japan, sushi. Mexico, tacos. Thailand, Kao Soi. Etc.. But Malaysia, I believe, is known for its Nasi Lemak. We finally got to try some for the first time!

With coconut rice as the base, meat stacked on top of it, along with an egg, and a scoop of red sauce and anchovies, Nasi Lemak is a popular Malaysian dish, which everybody recommends. My favorite part, by far, was the rich coconut rice. 🍚

We had this dish at a friendly spot named Wanjo, I believe. There at the same location was a joint smoothie business, where we all ordered various flavors. I had mango, while my siblings got pineapple, honeydew, dragon fruit, and grape. The smoothies were absolutely delicious.

We had a wonderful time. I thank the Lord for the experience. 😊

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