My first Race…a 15k

Less than three months prior to March 5, I was asked if I’d like to run the Fresh 15, a local race. Of course, I said yes, even though 2.5 miles was the about the longest distance I had ever run. There were three races: a 1k(for littles), 5k, and 15k. I only saw one option; the 15k, which was 9.3 miles. After my brother and I were signed up, we started our training immediately.

We never reached 9.3 miles until the race. During the race, I realized that I needed much more training than I had done. But it was okay; I finished. In the end, I am glad I did it.

Thankfully, I suffered no injuries, though I could barely walk after it.

It was really fun. The whole time, people were cheering us on and at the finish line there were refreshments and free items. I may perhaps race again next year, but I haven’t decided (then I will have all year to get my training in. Ha, ha, ha).

It was a great experience and I loved every bit of it. Well, most of it anyway. :^)

Here is a link to IndyWild’s post.

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