Running On Broken Legs

Spoiler Alert. Don’t read this post if you’re planning to Read running on broken legs.

Polio. Although grasped in the wretched hands of this vicious disease in her childhood, Elinor Young doesn’t see that as a reason not to share the light of Jesus. Truly she gives God her everything.

Elinor Young caught polio at age five. Her muscles degraded as she lay still for days, the disease tearing apart her nerves. Years of recovery and rehabilitation eventually led to full functionality.

A turning point in her life occurred when a travelling missionary at her church asked the congregation who wanted to give their life to Christ in the form of a missionary. She was the only one who stood up, feeling God’s call.

After she graduated high school, Young studied at a Christian college for four years, and then continued on for another four more years at another college. During her time at the colleges, she applied for several missionary agencies. Finally, with much prayer, an agency accepted her.

Soon, Elinor Young was headed for Papua, Indonesia. She settled with the Kimyal natives, quickly adapting to the thrills of the jungle. Often, she would hire carriers to take her over the precarious mountain paths. Once she learned the Kimyal language, she began to translate the scriptures for Christians in her village. She continued her work there for many years, until serious health conditions called her back to the United States, where she continues to work for Jesus in other ways.

Her life story is recounted in her autobiography Running on Broken Legs. My grandfather gave me the book for my birthday (special hearts to him ♥♥😊), and I have enjoyed it immensely. What stirs one to follow Christ more than someone, who had polio, going and spending her life in the jungles of Indonesia, telling others about Jesus? It’s truly an amazing story, the kind only God can write. Definitely read Running on Broken Legs if you want to be spurred on to give Jesus your all. 😃

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