Two of My Favorite Songs About Dancing

I love these two songs, because they’re about dancing!

Dance by Jesus Culture really catches my attention with its beauty. You just can’t help but move when listening to it. So, if you need to dance a little today, turn this song on.

Another song I enjoy hearing is Heaven Invade by Kari Jobe. When Heaven invades you can’t stay silent and you can’t stay still. God is just too wonderful. You have to dance. We’re gonna dance like David and not be ashamed, cause we got a glorious God. We don’t care what anyone thinks, because we’re just doing what we are supposed to be doing. Praising God.

So, if you need to get excited for God and what He’s done. How He has brought salvation to all people through Jesus Christ. How He rescued His people from the bondage of sin. GOD IS SO GOOD! You should listen to these songs. 😀

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