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Operation Prayer: Part One

I wrote this story actually a little over a year ago. I thought I would share it with you guys. This is part one.

4:55 PM April 17. LOCATION: Chhayachhetra, Nepal

“Base, come in. Base, come in! It’s urgent!” A voice crackled over the radio in Maithili.

Karlie Taylor jumped to her feet and hastened to answer the call.

“Yes, this is base! Who is this?” She asked, anxious to hear what was afoot.

“I’m Ahoni and I’m in the Salyūn Province. Up in the mountains. My village is under attack.” The voice rushed. Ahoni, the only Christian in his village, lived high in the Himalayas, secluded from most aid and other Christians. He had been given a radio for emergency cases, such as this.

“Who is attacking it?”

“There is snow coming to harm our village.”

“An avalanche, you mean?”

“Yes! Most of my people have gone to another village, but there are many orphans who have no place to go. The other families won’t take them.” Ahoni informed. “What should I do?!”

Karlie didn’t have an answer. She had been a missionary for a few years, and, although it wasn’t getting any easier, Karlie had learned one thing—always pray. Lord, show me what I should do and what Ahoni should do. In Jesus’ name. She pleaded to the Lord as she pondered what to say.

Karlie wiped the sweat from her face. How could it be so hot here, yet three thousand feet up, an avalanche threatened the lives of many children. Karlie couldn’t wait much longer to answer, and she still didn’t have a reply. 

Go. A strong voice urged. She didn’t wait to be told twice.

“Gather the children together. I’m coming for them.” Karlie told Ahoni.

“But, ma’am, you’ll never make it in time.”

“Then the Lord will either stop the avalanche or speed up my truck until I get there.” Karlie’s voice held confidence.

“Okay, ma’am, please just hurry.”

“I’ll see you soon.” She ended the conversation.

Karlie grabbed her keys, got her wooly coat, and raced for the door, all while praying. Lord Jesus, help me save the children, please. I know you love them. Please, in Your name I pray. Amen.

Slipping into the twenty-year-old truck, Karlie realized she didn’t know where the village was. She had only heard of Ahoni through other missionaries. She had never actually been to his village before. Ahoni never even told her where it was. Well, God, I guess I have to trust that you’ll lead me to the village. She voiced to the Lord.

Karlie turned the key in the ignition. The truck wouldn’t start.

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