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Operation Prayer: Part Two

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Karlie turned the key in the ignition. The truck wouldn’t start. The truck had definitely been useful for its twenty years, but it was taking its toll. The leather seats were worn; the windows, glued shut; and the tailgate, long gone. Taking a deep breath, she bowed her head once more. Then she tried again. It roared to life. Thank You, Lord!

Karlie drove the vehicle eastward. As truck climbed up the hillside, Karlie found herself wishing Liam Rembert was with her. Liam was working in Tibet at the moment, helping minister to others on the field. Karlie glanced down at her finger and smiled. The emerald engagement ring sparkled in the setting sun. She was glad the Lord had provided a life partner for her. Karlie shook those thoughts off and focused on the mission at hand.

She felt the Lord lead her up the snowcapped mountain, showing her to the right path. She was making great headway until she rounded a tight corner. Right in front of her was a fallen tree blocking the road. The truck jerked to a stop. The tree was much too big to be moved by a single person.

Lord, what do I do? I feel this is the right path to take, but it’s blocked. Show m—

Suddenly, a man interrupted her prayer, clambering onto the road with dozens of others following.

“I am so sorry. So sorry.” He called to Karlie as he and the other men helped remove the tree. Three minutes later the fallen tree, along with the men, disappeared into the surrounding forest.

“Thank you!” She hollered after them, mystified at their appearance. She knew the Lord must have worked another miracle.

Back on the road, she continued her journey. Noticing no speed limit signs, Karlie pushed her truck as fast as it would go.

The snowy road widened, for Karlie had reached a village. But was it the right village? The strong voice once again whispered. Go. This is the village.

She pulled forward into the village, only to find her wheels going no further. She was stuck in the snow. She tried once more to clear it from the thick snow without success. So, Karlie hopped from her car and proceeded into the village, praying that her truck would be free by the time she got back.

 It was a ghost town. Houses were left open. Sheep pins were vacant of animals. Everything was void of people. The villagers definitely knew how to get out quickly.

Karlie squinted up at the mountains, looking for the snow slide. There was nothing. No deafening roar. No shifting snow. All was quiet. Yet, this was the village. Karlie knew it.

She carried on, in search of the small orphanage. Complete darkness was approaching, and who knew when the avalanche would get here.

Karlie suddenly noticed a tall man strolling with his dog. His red coat wrapped tightly around him, the man seemed to be taking a leisure walk. Perhaps he knew where the orphanage was located.

“Hello, sir, do you know where the children’s home is?” She asked in Maithili.

“As a matter of fact, I do. Continue on this road until you reach the white house, and then go right. And there it is.” The dog-walker told her.

“Thank you so much.” Karlie hurried on but stopped to warn the man of the avalanche. Yet, to her astonishment, nobody was there. The man and his dog had vanished. It must have been an angel sent by God to lead her to the orphanage.

Racing down the street, Karlie came upon the white house. Karlie took little time there and dashed to the right. The orphanage towered at the end of the lane. Ten children and a baby stood with Ahoni in front of it.

“Come! We must hurry!” Karlie urged the children.

Swiftly, she grabbed the baby, scooped a small child onto her back, and began loping over the icy ground. She encouraged the kids to run faster.

Suddenly, Karlie heard a growing rumble. The avalanche was approaching, and they weren’t going to make it.

“God, help us! Please!” She prayed aloud.

With the truck in her vision, Karlie turned to Ahoni.

“Do you drive?”

“A little. Why?”

“Good. You drive. The children and I will push the truck from the snow and hop in the back when we’re done.”

With a quick nod, Ahoni gathered the little ones into the cab. Karlie, still holding the baby, and the older children gave the truck a big push as Ahoni reversed, and thankfully, it was freed from the snow. She and the children jumped in the back, snuggling together as the car careened down the mountain, only slowing around corners. “Thank You, Lord, for yet another miracle!” Karlie quickly prayed, voicing her gratitude.

Karlie tried to eye the scenery around her but found herself staring at the avalanche. Lord, help us! She cried again.

The car took a quick turn, sending everyone leaning. One small boy on the edge was jarred from his spot and sent flying from the back of the truck. He landed on his back, desperate for help.

Without hesitancy, Karlie handed the baby to another child, hopped from the back, rolled, and sprang to her feet. She didn’t look up toward the approaching snow as she bolted to the boy. Boosting the child into her arms, she ran, fleeing for her life. Karlie quickly peered back. The snow tsunami gained land faster than she could outrun it. Karlie looked for the safety of the truck, half hoping they had waited for her and half wanting them to get out of here as fast as possible. Her heart sunk as she realized the truck was long gone. There would be no one to save her from the avalanche but God. Lord, I know You work miracles! Please help me now! Karlie prayed over and over again.

Karlie glanced back once more. The snow was less then ten feet from her and the child in her arms. She wouldn’t make it!

Suddenly, she tripped, and everything was black as the incoming snow swallowed her. Jesus! Help!

The heavy snow layered on top of her, absorbing the little oxygen incaved with her. Karlie watched the child in her embrace slowly close heavy eyes and succumb into sleep. How pleasant. Karlie thought, falling into lovely slumber.

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