Five Things I’ve Missed At Home

I didn’t know that I missed these things until I came back.

  1. I missed my bed. I didn’t even realize it until I spent a whole night in it’s wings. I actually sank a little into the softness. I enjoyed it extremely after months of hard mattresses. Now in the morning, I don’t even want to get out of my bed, because it’s so comfortable.
  2. My sweater was also another thing I missed. I came back to examine all my long forgotten clothes, and I spotted my favorite sweater. I’m so happy to have it back.
  3. I certainly missed my desk. After months of writing posts on a bed or at a kitchen table, I forgot how nice and convenient it is just to have a place to work.
  4. My own towel goes on this list. It’s wonderful to have a your own towel. Indy Wild wanted me to also mention how amazing dishcloths are as well and they should sorely be missed by any cook.
  5. I know this is a little weird, but I going to say that I missed our home water for washing my hair. You traveling girls out there should know what I mean. Water carries minerals that affect your hair in certain ways, and when you go to different countries, they will have different water. Therefore, when I was in Thailand my hair looked really flat and straw like, and when I was in New Zealand my hair became very frizzy (I could hardly keep it in a ponytail without a hundred strands coming out). But, here in Texas my hair acts normal and generally looks much better.

That is at least a couple of things that I sincerely miss. I’m sure I could list a bunch more things. Thank You, Lord, for a great home and a lot of nice things.

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