Five Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Live In a Basement!

I wrote five downfalls of living in a basement. These reasons are why I want to spend more time above ground rather than below it.

  1. The number one reason has to be because darkness pervades basements. Even if the basement has windows, light forbears to shine. I completely agree with Solomon when he says in Ecclesiastes 11:7 ” Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to see the sun.” Yet, underground there is no sun and light (other than artificial).
  2. Another reason why I would prefer not to take my abode in a basement is because moisture tends to stay in the air quite thickly. If you rinse a washrag, it won’t dry for at least five days. Very inconvenient.
  3. With moisture often comes odor, so the smell is often a problem in a basement.
  4. It’s very secluded. When you are in the basement, you can’t really see trees or birds or wild life or even plain human life.
  5. Creepie crawlies are more prone to live in dark spaces, such as a basement. And who likes creepie crawlies?

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