Continue On

The wind swept across his already-weather beaten face. He placed another foot in front of the other. Up the mountain he continued. The cold had nearly killed him, but somehow he had made it this far. He had started before dawn and now it was almost evening. The warm easy steps upward had become cold heavy steps. It was taking more stamina than he had thought it would.

                       The idea suddenly crossed his mind to stop, turn back, and go home, away from the struggle and the cold. Then he turned around, setting his gaze upon how far he had come. He could see an expanse of more than ten miles. The beauty startled him. The clouds gently hovered over the sun and the land was vibrant with greenery. No, he couldn’t turn back now. If the view of the land was this good, how much better was it at the top?

                       He sucked in a deep breath and took another step. A step forward. A step up. A step further. He would continue until he reached the end. It would be worth everything.

Sometimes we are like this man. Sometimes we feel like turning back. Giving up. Jesus says, “But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 24:13).  We must endure to the end, even when it’s hard. But don’t worry, Christ said that He would never leave your nor forsake you (Hebrew 13:5). He will be with you all the way to the top. Trust in him to help you to the end, and “he will surely do it” (1 Thessalonians 5:24).  Continue to believe in Him, remembering the reward set before you is beyond all imagination. Press on to the top. The Lord will be with you.

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