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Qatar; Part Two

I could already smell the royal camels as I stepped from the tour bus. Qatar treasures these huge creatures for their beauty. It was pretty novel.

Our last stop and perhaps the highlight of the tour was the market. The hustle and bustle along with the unique architecture, created a magnificent experience for us all.

We wandered pass the spice section, I myself inhaling the curries and dreaming of delicious Biryani and Tikka Masala along with a weighty basket of naan cooked to perfection in an ancient tandoori oven (I love like love Middle Eastern food, if you can’t tell 🤭).

Fabric lay over strings or on tables. Stall owners beckoned people to enter their shop. It was pleasantly busy.

We entered alleyway, surrounded by various items for purchase.

After looking around some, we found a neat restaurant named Tikka and Kabab Ameen (a must try if you’re ever in Doha). We ordered a Gyro, which I will describe as a much tastier version of the Taco Bell chalupa (and what’s better than a Taco Bell chalupa??? I didn’t even know it was possible 😲). It was a delightful snack for us travelers.

Sorry, I was focusing on Indy. But you can see it is really delicious.

After finishing our snacks, we gathered once more to the tour bus. I studied as much as I could as our bus glided away back to the airport. Qatar certainly is a pleasant country, and one I would be happy to visit again.

We said cheerio to Mr. Brian (our tour guide) and slipped once more into DOH, to experience our last few hours in Qatar. 😃

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