Airplane Tips

I love airplane rides. The experience. The smell. The seat. The music. The lift off. The food, not so much, but I love everything else.

Here are some tips I’ve learned from my own travels.

Often, it’s hard to sleep during flight, and here’s how I like to make it more comfortable.

I prefer to place my carryon under my chair, so I can place my feet on it. If your like me, your legs are so short that they don’t touch the floor, and this is perfect for relieving that imbalance. Although you can buy a little feet sack, I think this works rather well.

A sleeping mask is definitely a must. Even when the lights are off in the airplane, it’s helpful to use a sleeping mask to block out any television screens playing.

Ear plugs are also great to rest your ears from the airplane’s white noise. Though it depends on the airline, most of the time an amenity kit will provide the sleeping mask and ear stoppers.

I always bring a jacket with me, this way I can have something warm if the airplane is cold. (Surprisingly, sometimes I find myself just that, cold.)

It is also nice to have a water bottle with you for extra water. (Although not all airports have this, sometimes there will be a water fountain in the terminal, in which you could fill up your bottle, but don’t count on it.)

Those are about all the things that I can think of that are helpful to me. May the Lord keep you in safe travels.

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