In Kuala Lumpur I met, for the first time, the hustle and bustle of city life. I was surprised when throngs of people swarmed around me, some rushing home from work, others moseying about, and still others, people like us, searching for something to satisfy their growing hunger pains.

The city smelt of curry (I love curry😋!!!). I believe the main dish in Malaysia appeared to be fish smothered in curry sauce. Of all the food, I think I liked some great Indian food we got at the mall the most.

One neat thing I noticed was how many people were out at night. The city came alive. I looked out the window of our apartment around midnight, and more than a hundred people were still sightseeing. (This is my kind of life. The shops are still open in time for me to get my midnight snack 😉.)

Although I have many memories that I can take away from Malaysia, I think what I loved the most was the people. They were very kind and happy. Several times strangers would offer helpful directions or give their thoughts on certain foods and delicacies.

Thanks to the Lord, our experiences in Malaysia go in our book of happy memories. 😊💟

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