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Unique Thai Food

We went to our regular Kao Soi place, expecting some of the delicious curry-sauce noodles, but the restaurant was out of Kao Soi! So we had to try something new (just like an adventurer, right?). So we ordered a beef noodle, the exact name of I’m not sure.

What we ordered had noodles, beef chunks, meatballs, liver, and pork intestines (the thing between the chopsticks).

I took a few bites (without any meat), analyzing the taste, which happened to be a brothy sweet flavor. I added some spices (to enhance the flavor). Indy Wild (always the one to try something unique and new) said that we should try the pork intestine together. I almost declined, but then I thought of you guys. How would you know what a pork intestine tasted liked if I didn’t tell you (unless, of course, you came and ate it for yourself). I really didn’t want to eat anything weird, but I couldn’t keep avoiding the meat. So, I grabbed my chopsticks and picked it up, and took a picture (for you guys).

After we cheered, I took a small bite (so adventurous of me). It was like slime had entered my mouth, along with an iron flavor. I put the rest of it back in my bowl, proud that I had taken a bite. Indy looked at me and said, “You only took a bite. You gotta eat the whole thing.”

So, I put it in my mouth, chewed for second, and then swallowed. I had done it! I had eaten something unique. Something most Americans would only eat if they were starving! Something…. Okay, it’s not that cool.

I would tell you about the meatballs and the liver (both of which had interesting flavors, although the meatballs surprisingly tasted normal), but I fear I would bore you death with such commonalities.

We had a wonderful time trying new things (like pork intestine, maybe next time, it will be chicken feet! I definitely have to post about that if I ever eat it, how else will you know how it tastes?). I thank the Lord for this experience. 😀

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