Even In The Little Things

When I sat down here, I didn’t know what to write. My mind scattered for things that could be interesting, yet nothing appeared worth anything. But then, I thought about my loving Savior, and how He bought my life.

Although everyday seems ordinary, God is still working all the time. So I challenge you, today or any day, to see where God is working in your life. Think of every circumstance, chance-meeting, or just normal lunch routine, because perhaps even in just the little things, you might see God’s hand.

I have an small example of one. My family and I were going on car ride, after eating some boat noodles, and, as is our custom, we tried to think of something fun to do. My dad suggested to go to the plant farm, which he and my mom had already been once before, to bring us to see all the plants and animal figurines. We decided not to, so, instead we began to drive around. And somehow, we ended up at the plant farm, (I mean this was totally random, not intentional). We had a wonderful time there and I enjoyed it a bunch. It’s the perfect place to see God’s beautiful creation. Now, whether God just wanted us to have another great time to remember or to show us how much He loves and cares for us like an amazing Father, I am not sure, but I know that I myself saw during this experience how faithful God truly is. And now all I can do is praise Him.😀

So, no matter what you are going through, look for God’s divine hand.

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