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Swimming, Eating, And Bugging!

I’m pretty grossed out right now. Why? I’ll get to that in a minute.

Life is good. Life is hard. Life can also be fun, too. I’d say this Saturday was a mixture (mostly just good and fun).

I ate a wonderful breakfast this morning, after which I went swimming (you can’t be in Thailand without swimming). A hour or so passed, when I declared a competition of staying afloat without touching the rim of the pool nor the bottom. Eventually, it was just Indy Wild (a tough match, but also possible to beat given enough time) and I competing. I whished around the pool, knowing that it only be a matter of time. Thankfully (for Indy), at thirty minutes we were called to do other things than to stay afloat. Although it was tie, I was happy in the competition to see that I could stay alive for at least thirty minutes if ever I got stranded in the ocean.

We ate some yummy pizza, drove around (our favorite thing to do and the best way to see the city), and came home. After some minutes, I went into my room and was surprised to see a hundred bugs flying around the lights. Oh, no! I had left the window/door open to the outside to let my hand-washed clothes dry. I had let them in. Take a deep breathe. It’s not a big deal. Just turn the lights out and close the door. Okay, got that done๐Ÿ˜Œ.

When some of the bugs showed up in the common room, we quickly flicked off all the lights to attract them to a flashlight, so we could then pounce. Only one showed up. What happened to the other dozen? They must have gone away. Satisfied that they were gone, we turned the lights back on. Dawn Wild and I even examined the girl’s room (I, of course, was standing behind Dawn, because of my great disgust of all things called bugs). Yet, the girls room was completely clear. No bugs. They must have all flown away.

Later after the bug ordeal, I wasn’t too hungry, but I saw a huge noodle dish that needed to be eaten. I declared a competition. So, my dad and I engage in a food-eating competition. Bite after bite we stayed matched (at least that was the way I saw it). I ate more and more, and he ate more and more. After some judgements and arguments about equality, we were down to the last bits on our plates and there was no more otherwise. So, the competition became a speed-eating competition. Sadly, I lost that (I’ll blame it on his larger mouth๐Ÿ˜‚). But I didn’t give up eating. We scrambled around the kitchen eating anything, exclaiming that we had won after each bite. I’ll say it’s a tie, but truthfully it’s hard to know.

But if you remember at the beginning I had said I was grossed out. Well, with my stomach quite stuffed, I entered my room. I had walked quite a few steps before I noticed a thousand wings on the ground along with twitching bodies. Yep, yuck. The bugs were all over the floor. They hadn’t gone away as I supposed. Grabbing a broom, I began sweeping them, trying not to throw up from disgust. Bugs are AdvertuRose’s weakness (I nearly died, just kidding). Just thinking about them makes me ill. But I managed to get it all cleaned up.

While swimming and eating were delightful and fun, the bugs take the place of hardest to deal with today (isn’t it great that the hardest thing I did today was clean up bugs? What a good life God has given me! Thank You, Lord!).

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