Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is located about three hours from Chiang Mai, a grueling distance consisting of many curves and twists. We started by collecting a few personal items to take along the way. We began our journey with some chocolate milk (am I always drinking milk? Maybe it’s good for adventure. Calms the nerves or something.). By forty minutes in, the children in the backseat began playing a sickening video game, and then, with the combination of curves, chocolate milk on an empty stomach, and a sickening game, carsickness was destined to happen to them. In the end, my parents made a happy memory out of a gross one, when they purchased for us some beautiful rock bracelets. 😊

We continued on until we reached our destination. Chiang Rai was quite smaller than we expected. We first stopped at Big C’s (a grocery store similar to Walmart), and then we began searching for somewhere to eat. It was four before we finally managed to find a KFC (yes, they have Kentucky Fried Chicken in Thailand). By the way, that was the best KFC I have ever had.

After we had finished that delicious meal, we drove around, coming across many temples along the way.

The first one had the image of the supposed goddess of mercy.

The second one we saw was the Blue Temple.

The White Temple was the final one we went to and perhaps most famous one in Chiang Rai.

When I look at these temples, a great sadness has filled me, for the people who worship there are enslaved. Enslaved in fear and sin. They do not know the truth and do not know that there is only One God and One Creator, who made them. They do not know that they are dishonoring Him. They do not know that God loves them and has sent His only Son to die for them, so they could have life. Their works and gifts to these false gods will do nothing to help in the day of judgment. Their false gods will not deliver them in the day of trouble. Only the Lord that they do not know can save them.

Yet, isn’t it wonderful that we Christians know this truth. We know that Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. If we believe in Him and turn from our evil ways, we will be rescued from the wrath to come. We know that there is freedom from sin and fear in Jesus. We know that God saves us and loves us!!! Indeed it is “Amazing Grace.”

So, I leave you with this verse. β€œThe harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”  Matthew 9:37-38.


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