“An Adventure!”

The day started a little different than normal, seeing that we were up and about earlier than usual. At 10:30 A.M. we stopped at a neat gas-station area and purchased some delicious puffed-rice crackers with sugar on top (of which I ate most of, I believe. They were really good, though the others did not seem to prefer them) and a few bottles of coffee-flavored milk (absolutely the best milk ever! Like what is better than healthy milk with added caffeine? The best of both worlds). We began just to drive around, trying to think of something fun to do. My dad found this cool lake and dam that we could visit, and we were all in.

We made our way there, following the GPS. We finally saw the wall of the dam, but the road the GPS said to take was dirt and utterly too small. So we continued on, in search of another road, and when we reached it, it was also dirt and much too narrow. Then, we ran (not literally) into this big guy.

Anyway, we were about to give up, when we noticed other cars on the dam, that couldn’t have possibly driven all the way up on those tiny roads. So, we tried again without the GPS and found a paved road that led us all way up. It was gorgeous.

We travelled along, marveling at the view. We even got out to see it up close.

Ava taking a picture.

My brothers started stacking rocks, an art of which is one of their favorites. (I not sure how they didn’t break their backs picking up all those heavy stones.)

We also found a harbor and a suspension-bridge. The latter was really cool, having about an 60 foot drop (estimated) to the water. The bridge was amazing and rather rickety for it being able to hold cars. (We walked.)

We had a great day! You know, it’s awesome how God made so many wonderful things that we can enjoy. To God be the glory forever and ever!!!

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