A Special Day

Right after we ate a splendid lunch at a neat place located near a pond, we made our way to the snake zoo.

Slightly up the mountain, the location of the cobra place provides a moist atmosphere which is perfect for the cobras, pythons, and rat snakes living there. There were so many snakes. It was crazy. Indy Wild, I think, must have enjoyed it the most. Here’s a pic. of him and a huge python.

I, of course, am horrified of snakes. So I was surprised to find myself enjoying it. I even held a little one! Scary. Huh? 😂 (Hopefully, this is the closest I’ll ever have to get to a snake)

After we had explored the other snakes, we were led to a micro stadium, where a professional snake charmer preformed for us with a venomous King Cobra. He had some pretty amazing reflexes, and he even managed to kiss the snake.

We had a beautiful day, and, thanks to the Lord, we didn’t get bitten. 😀

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