The Cave

Under a vast majority of mountains in Thailand lie numerous caves. Some of them just narrow tunnels, hardly big enough to squeeze through, and others with caverns more than fifty feet tall. The large cave that we went to was already very much explored and visited. Its entrance was surrounded by a temple. A crisp blue river filled with giant catfish flowed near the dark tunnel’s door.

When we entered the cave, a catch of cool air hit us, for the humid air of the mountain had already gotten us quite sweaty. As we journeyed in, we noted many carved images that were against the Lord our God. Then, we came to a two way trail. To the left it was very dark and a warning disclosed to us that only with the supervision and light of a guide would allow us to follow the its eerie path. But the right trail told a different story, its way was well lit and maintained, and not wishing to pay the extra fee, we continued on the right path. Stalactites and stalagmites littered the pathway, along with small stone caverns, that, all except for the water in them, looked like delightful chairs. The stone had a special green and blue tint to it and carried many unique shapes and jagged surfaces. The dripping of water was heard constantly as we walked along the slippery path, and all the while we were thinking of what the left path held. Finally, when we had reached the end, we turned back, eager to see what the dark treacherous pathway had in store. When we had gotten two guides, we carried ourselves up a long stairway and into the blackness. Literally, without the light everything was pitch black, so we watched ourselves, careful not to slip on any rock. About two minutes in, our guide signaled that we would need to get on our hands and knees to travel through a small hole. We went on, amazed at all the shapes that God so carefully designed in that cave. After tons of huge caverns and two other tiny passages, we reached, perhaps, the worse part of our trip. The bats. After climbing down some super steep stairs, like I’m talking a foot or less apart with the length of two to three feet down, we unexpectedly came across the section with bats. Their dropping lay all over the floor, and, thankfully, someone had kept the path cleaned. Finally, we achieved our trek with only one minor cut and a satisfying adventure. The Lord brought us safely in and out and all thanks be to Him for the wonderful experience, but most of all for His Son Jesus Christ, Who payed our price so we don’t have to try to earn our own salvation!😄!

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