Taking the First Step

The hardest part― taking the first step. My parents bought us all tickets to Thailand, a unique and exotic place located in South Asia. Since our departure date is on the twenty-third, we are rushing to pack everything we need for the next five months in about eleven suitcases, each with a weight limit of fifty pounds.

Getting all our passports in order was the second step. We renewed our old ones with relative ease, but one passport decided to be late in coming, appearing only days before our departure. This set our anxious hearts to trusting the Lord even for just a passport. Thankfully, God is always faithful!!! πŸ™‚

We all can’t wait to see what is up ahead. Long airplane rides. Amazing new food. Awesome views. This will be soooo exciting and fun! All while experiencing this, we can worship the One True God who made all these wonderful things and also made a way for us to enjoy them. Join me in finding out how God is working in our lives and come with me to explore a land called Thailand!!!

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