Not in Kansas Any More

I stepped out of the airport. The sky was cloudy, threatening to spill a few drops. My siblings were ahead of me, gathering themselves around the two vans we were to take to our four bedroom hotel. I was finally in Thailand after a month of waiting and hours of travel. It was exciting, breathtaking, and all too real.

Because of the fact that the car only seated so many people, my brothers had to ride in the other van. Unfortunately, the driver of the boys’ van happen to not know where our hotel was located, so we ended up waiting for them at hotel. Scary, but a story for another time.

Everything was so different, yet somehow similar. It seemed almost normal to see food carts on the side of the road, hundreds of motorcycles dodging numerous cars, and a Seven-Eleven on nearly every block.

After four days in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, one thing I realized was that Thailand is a lot more cloudy than Texas and has a great tendency to rain. It’s always smart to bring an umbrella wherever you go. πŸ˜‰β˜”

Thanks to God, we are safely not in Kansas (or TexasπŸ˜„) anymore.

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