Thai Food

It was quite a few days after I arrived in Thailand until I actually got to try authentic Thai food. Of course, I’d had Thai food plenty of times before in America, and it was delicious. But that was before I had real Thai food. 😀

It was the day that we left for Chiang Mia, which is a large city near the mountains in the north, and our flight was to depart in the late afternoon, but once we checked out of our hotel, we still needed to eat. Now, we had been all dying to go this neat little place across the street, and with no where else nearby, we decided to try it out. Very good idea.

They cooked all the food in the front of the restaurant in giant pots, which was so cool.

This little noodle place offered some of the best food in Bangkok, perhaps. We all ordered this delicious soup and noodle mix, that I forget the name of.

And we also ordered beef and rice, which was just as amazing as the soup.

Although this is a whole lot different then the food in America, I think everyone took a liking to it. 🙂

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