A Long Flight

I’d never been on an airplane before in my entire life and my very first flight was fifteen hours long. I was prepared for the worse. I’d been told that the seats were horribly uncomfortable, the food quite distasteful, and the bathrooms tiny. And as I came to find out, only the last one is true. The bathrooms are a bit small, but at least they’re there, right?

So, we reached the Houston airport after a three hour drive from our home. After security, we stayed at our terminal for two hours.

Once we boarded, I observed that the seats were relatively big, perfect, for the next fifteen hours.

The flight was fantastic. I do believe we had a bunch of fun. Our layover in Taiwan was great, and after that we only had three more hours to Bangkok.

To capture the “feeling” of the airplane, I wrote this while I was flying. I happen to be using Wordpad at the time.

Perhaps you are wondering why I am using Wordpad to write this small but important message. I am using this program because my Word is broken and I needed some “paper” to capture up this moment I am experiencing.
I’m on an airplane near a window, flying through a cloud right now. The captain just called the cabin crew to their seats and the ride got really bumpy. I can barely even type because of all the bounce. Anyway, just now it straightened out just a bit. Yes, as I was saying, I am flying through a cloud and when I look out my window it is nearly too bright to see anything.
I am so thankful that Jesus gave me this opportunity to do this. You see, this is my second flight ever, and also my second flight today. Last night, after a long drive to Houston, we boarded our flight, which happened to be fifteen hours long. I do have to say, I was totally expecting it to be so much worse, but it was absolutely great. The only problem I found was that I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep very well, (it could have been the chair, but what’s the possibility?;) ) I thought the food tasted pretty good, although it wasn’t exactly American food. But, hey, I like trying new things every once and a while.
We are still in that large cloud I was talking about earlier, nothing really changed. I just ate a giant meal. Okay, it wasn’t really giant, but it sure felt like it was after all the food I’ve been stuffing myself with. Our time left is about an hour and fifteen minutes, really good. It flew by so fast. Although it’s only three hours long, it is a pretty great trip, yet, after fifteen hours, it really is like nothing. Anyway, I’m enjoying it. When I got on here I was getting sleepy, and after thirty minutes could barely keep my eyes open. I fell into the first grasps of sleep, only to be awaken to eat my “brunch.” I think it must have been brunch because it was served at nine thirty, the main dish pork and rice, served with bread and fruit. Delicious.
It’s getting bumpy again and we’re still in that cloud. Very big cloud. That’s about it. Thanks for reading.

Finally, we reached our destination. Thailand…

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