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Making Tacos in Thailand!

Halfway around the world from Mexico, we made tacos in Thailand. Yep, we Texans can’t go without some Mexican food for too long (or else we turn into aliens👽)(did you hear that Texas drawl?).

So, in order to not morph into strange creatures, we cooked up some tacos! A seasoning here. A little dicing there. Some sizzling over yonder. Voila! There you have it. The perfect ingredients for tacos!

(I’m embarrassed to show ya’ll this picture, but how else will ya’ll be knowing that we’s ate our vegies? Them veggies are good for ya, ya know.)



“Who’s this crazy Texan gal? Bella Rose never usually talks like that.”

“Oh, I donna know. Perhaps, she be missing her very own Texas. So, she took on a drawl.”

“Never Bella Rose. Have you ever met her? She would never forsake her English in that way. Besides she loves to travel. Although she does love Texas, she definitely wouldn’t miss it like that. There must be something else.”

“Oh. Well, I guess she’s just being silly then. Or she got hacked. Probably the former. You never know with them gals.”

“I guess it’s nothing. But still, it’s a little strange.”]

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