Five “Cool” Things I Did Today!

Yeah, crazy, huh? I not only did one thing that was cool, but five great and amazing things that were the absolute definition of cool. (Oh, dear, what happened to the real Bella Rose? Someone must have stolen her?!) But I guess when you’re related to someone as cool as Indy Wild, you just have to follow their lead.

#1 cool thing I did today was chop some watermelon in half with a machete. This is a pic. I snatched of Indy Wild, demonstrating for me.

#2 cool thing I did today was scale a six foot fence, (with no help, of course, not even a stepstool or supporting boards). So cool. ðŸ˜ą

#3 cool thing I did today was to do a few parkour rolls and some cart-wheels. (I was so bursting with awesomeness, you should have seen me. 🙃ðŸĪŠ)

This is a great up-close picture I took while doing parkour rolls. JK.

#4 cool thing I did today was do some photography. I got some great pictures. (Not sure how photography falls into the cool category, but it I am sure it’s in there.)

#5 cool thing I did today was get close enough to this cricket to take a picture, a daring feat. I mean what if it had jumped on me. Only a cool person would get close enough to do that. ðŸ˜ē 😋

So, to wrap it up, I had an amazingly cool day. ðŸĪŠx â™ū

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