I Believe by Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham released a new album last month called I Believe, and let’s just say I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Wickham praises God for who He is and what He’s done. Let me share about some of his songs in I Believe.

A popular one that you might have heard is This Is Our God. In this song Phil Wickham openly declares that Jesus is God. He is our salvation and only hope.

I Believe, hence the name of the album, is a testimony of belief in and praise for God. I really like this one because you can sing along with it, seeing God’s goodness in salvation, never having to be ashamed.

Another one I particularly enjoy is Wait, which acknowledges that God lets us grow when we wait for Him. The longer we spend with God the more change we’ll see in ourselves.

Sunday Is Coming witnesses to Christ’s resurrection. Phil Wickham tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and death, and then proclaims hope is not lost, because Jesus is alive!

Phil Wickham voices a desire that should be in every Christian’s heart. That is, giving God one hundred percent. In Wickham’s song 100%, he gives God all of his heart, no matter the price.

I love listening to these songs because it encourages my heart to give it all for Christ. It doesn’t matter the cost, because God is worthy of everything and more. Check this new music out if you haven’t already.😊

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