Art is not my forte, but I still enjoy sitting down and sketching, and even, if the occasion arises, painting a little. Today, I decided to do just that.

Of course, the object of my picture could only be one thing. A rose. So, since I was using the tactic of “copying”, I went out in search of a rose. I snapped a picture and hurried back inside.

From there, I took a piece of paper and pencil, and, glancing at my computer for reference, started to draw the outline.

After a few minutes I was done.

At least with that. I still had to paint and “polish” it. So, I grabbed some acrylic paint and a junky brush, and began my “adventure”. Ha, ha. 🙂

It took, probably, thirty minutes for me to finish. Actually, it turned out better than I thought it would (especially for my skill). Here is a poem I made up to go with it.

Because my poetry is more like prose,

I chose to write about the dear rose,

It just appeared in the ground I suppose.

It had sprouted half a week ago,

Unwinding gorgeous crimson petals,

At first, I thought it’s growing slow,

Never growing, but always bigger,

Then, one day I found it quiet dead,

For it been driven over with a sled,

For this treacherous deed my tears shed.

(Yeah, silly poem.) 😋 Here’s my picture after I painted it!

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” Isaiah 40:8. 

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