Today is the 182nd day that I have posted this year. Which means I have posted six months straight. Which means that I’m at the halfway point. I have six more months left until I complete my 2024 goal of posting every day. Yay!

When I started posting every day, I did not comprehend what it would be like to do it for a year, and I can’t believe that I’ve done six months of that, and that I still have six more to go. I remember when I was two months in, and I came up blank with what to post about. I’m not sure how I’ve managed to post any more than a month, but God has helped me. I’m glad that I did, because it means that you guys can follow along and see what I’m doing in my life. Thank you for bearing with me on my good days and my bad.

Well, six more months to go, and I’ll be done with my goal. 🎉

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