A Tip For Sleeping In The Air

I find it impossibly hard to sleep on an airplane. And I’m sure other people also have this problem.

It’s very important to get a decent amount of sleep before landing in any new country though (even just an hour will put me in a better mood than naught). Last time I was on an airplane I got to sleep five hours!!! I was impressed. When we landed, I wasn’t a zombie. I could actually focus on things. I hope to at least get that much sleep next time. ☺

But in the few times that I’ve managed to get any sleep is when I wear my headphones and listen to classical music. With my sleeping mask on, I curl up and try to relax (if you don’t go to sleep within half an hour, you haven’t watched enough movies yet). So, if you are ever on an airplane and desire a couple more hours of sleep, try classical music. It just might work for you.

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