Even in Thailand you need to go to the store every once and a while. We like to go to HomePro, a household supplies store. They have so many things and even other stores just in one building.

They sell appliances.

Another section sold these amazing bikes and vehicles. I had to test one to see if it would be worth the $450 dollars they were asking for it. 😅

There was a furniture store as well.

Rimping, a grocery store, got some of our business as well.

These are quail eggs for about a dollar a carton. I’ve never tried them before, but Irene’s grandmother seemed to love them.

Salmon skin, anybody?

See if can find any fruit you don’t recognize.

This yogurt drink is so delicious. I love it.

They even have a donut shop at HomePro.

It’s a great store in Thailand.

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