Stanley In Thailand!!!

A couple months ago, for the very sake of my Stanley, I left it behind😭. My beautiful white Stanley cup already carries the scars of travel, I couldn’t risk it with my other orange Stanley cup. I had to protect it. I knew I would miss it, and I knew it would miss me, but for the sake of love I couldn’t bear to see it ruined.

So, for months as I travel, I have been using this great adidas bottle, but it doesn’t compare to Stanley‘s.

When we ran into (not literally) a cool shop called CM Tactical & Outdoor, my mom got a Stanley. So, long story short, we had to go back to make another purchase. I picked this mint color thirty-ounce one for myself.

So, now I have a Stanley! I’ve already worked out with it! Thank You, Jesus, my provider, for a new cup! Thank You, “God, who richly provides us with everything to enjoy.” (1Timothy 6:17)

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