In other post I have shared some fun facts about me, so here I am going to share some not-so-fun facts about me.

  1. I sometimes get annoyed very easily.
  2. I am a grump sometimes.
  3. I can easily get sad (like really sad for no reason).
  4. I am—

Okay, those facts just aren’t fun (wasn’t that the point, though?). Let’s change it up.

  1. I have spent one hundred and nine hours in the air (surprisingly I haven’t been on that many flights).
  2. My favorite desert has to be a brownie.
  3. I have been to five different countries.
  4. Just this week, I washed my first load of laundry by hand (an invigorating task, believe me).
  5. I admire bravery and honesty.
  6. The longest distance I’ve run at one time was 9.3 miles (I aim to make that longer).
  7. I broke my arm on my mother’s birthday.
  8. I like cleanliness and orderly things (I think it’s actually a disease I have 😉).

Whoa, I think that’s a little better. *Rolls eyes*😏. Until next time, so long.

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