Santa Land

My parents took my family and me to Santa Land, aka an drive-thru light show. Although it was after Christmas, we still had a blast.

After about an hour’s drive, we arrived at the entrance to Santa Land. Tall cone-shaped rings of lights flashed in beat to the music on our stereo, as we drove along. We reached a long canopy of lights.

We slowly pulled forward to see many other creations of twinkles, including pirate boats, elves, Santa’s, and many other things. A river of light flowed to the side of us as well.

And then we came to my favorite light decoration. A rose.

Yet, the Santa Land didn’t leave out the true light of Christmas. We came upon an amazing nativity set. We saw the birth of Jesus all the way through to his ministry, and, finally, to His death and resurrection. I was reminded of the payment Christ made for us and how wonderfully kind He is too us. 😊✝☁

We really enjoyed Santa Land. I thank God for this chance in my life to have some great fun! 😁

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