An Encouraging Read

Even after his family died, along with numerous attacks on his life, and horrendous bouts of malaria, John Paton still stood strong for the Lord, braving the tropics of the Pacific Islands. He wrote his story in his autobiography: John G. Paton.

We acquired the book at a Christian bookstore in Thailand. I glanced over it, only noting how I probably wouldn’t be interested in the book (yes, I’m naughty, I judge books by how much dialogue they have, and there isn’t too much in the book). Only when we were packing for our second trip to Thailand did I snatch up the John G. Paton to bring with me.

When I started it, it wasn’t boring as I first supposed. I was suddenly caught up into John Paton’s world. I journeyed along with him as he felt called to the mission field, led to the New Hebrides, and centered on the island of Tanna. I watched as God carried him through every scenario, steadfast in everything. I tasted some of his pain and hurt through the rough times, groaning over the difficult situations he was experiencing.

Paton also enthralls the reader with his fabulous literature, which ranks (in my opinion) as high as C. S. Lewis and Tolkien, if not better. Each paragraph holds elegance and rich vocabulary. It’s delightful to read.

John G. Paton writes of his ministry on Tanna and other nearby islands, telling of how God cared for him and his fellow Christians, while all around him were heathen cannibals. Yet, Paton did not despair, but trusted God to carry him through.

Overall I enjoyed the book immensely. John G. Paton inspired and encouraged me. If you haven’t read it, it is a must read!

In the end of the book, Paton admonishes us to be committed to Christ for all of our lives. The question is are you committed to Christ? Even if it means being eaten by cannibals, tortured to death, or slain in the streets. Are you that committed to Jesus?

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