Princess In Disquise; Part Three

              They had spent three minutes planning what was taking hours. Jayla had been awakened just before dawn. They discussed the plan over a small breakfast. Now, Jayla was hidden in a cleft of the mount. She was slowly sneaking up on the beast, which was just waking in a large cavern.

              Finally, it was time. The dragon lay in front of her.

              Jayla slowly walked in front of the sleepy beast, pretending to be an unsuspecting prey. The dragon, drawn by an easy snack, slowly crept from its layer.

              Once its head was out of the cave, Thyer leapt from above onto its head. He drew his sword from its sheath and stabbed into the skull of the dragon. It gave one last roar and fell to the ground dead.   

              “Woohoo! Good job, Thyer.” She hollered.

              Thyer gave her a big grin. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

              “I don’t believe you.” She gave him a playful slap.

              “Let’s get the head of this carcass.”

              “That’s all the evidence you have to get?”

              “For now, I’ll bring the head back and tell them where I killed it, and they’ll send a team to gather it’s remains and authenticate everything.”

              Jayla watched as Thyer chopped the head from the dragon. It was a messy job. Thyer took the severed head and placed it in a sack.

              “Well, we did it.”  Jayla gave Thyer an air-five. “Oh no, I just realized that the old man wanted the head of the dragon, but you need it. What do we do?”

              “Maybe we can get the old man a claw or something.”

              “He seemed awfully set on getting the head, and I told him that I’d get it for him.”

              “Well, I guess we’d better not risk upsetting him, and you don’t want to break your word. Tell you what, I’ll take this head to my kingdom, you can come with me, and I’ll show them and everything, and then I’ll take you to the old man with the head and we can give it to him. How does that sound?”

              “That’s fine with me. I’ve got nothing better to do.”

              “Okay, we can start tomorrow. I think it’s about a three days horse ride from here.”


              The next day, Jayla was saddled on her horse riding next to Thyer. She glanced over at him. He had certainly changed since the last she’d seen him years before. He was handsome then, but now even more so. He caught her gaze, and she turned from him, her face inflaming.

              They passed the hours by talking of what had happened over the years.

              Three days later, they arrived at Syer.

              “Welcome to my homeland.” Thyer said.

              Over the days they spent there, Thyer showed Jayla around and invited her to the palace, where they enjoyed the splendor of his father’s kingdom. After several days of busy activity, Thyer took Jayla out on the balcony.

              “Are you ready to leave, yet? We got to get you home before your parents find out that you’re here.” He gave her a wink.

              “I guess. I feel like I just got here, and there are so many things that I still want to see. But, yes, I do need to get back. And I do admit it was rather naughty of me to sneak away. But, hey, I would have never met you again, if…” She didn’t finish.

              “If you hadn’t.”

              He reached for her hand. She felt a thrill ripple through her stomach. She looked up into his eyes and smiled.


              Three days later, Jayla handed the old man the dragon head.

              A tear dripped from his eye.

              “Thank you so much.” His voice faded as he hugged her. “Thank you…”


              Another three days passed. Thyer and Jayla stood looking over the city of Youla.

              “Well, we’re here.”

              “Is this goodbye?” She asked, a quiver in her voice.

              “Only for a little while.”

              “What do mean?” A sliver of hope welled within her.

              “Jayla, do you remember what I asked you all those years ago when we had to say goodbye.”

              She blushed a deep crimson.

              “I’ll take that as a yes.”

              She nodded, speechless.

              “Well, the offer still stands.”

              All Jayla could do was give him a big bear hug.

              “I didn’t realize that I still loved you even after all these years, but I do. I would love to rule with you.” He said.

              “And I would too.” A tear of joy dripping from her face.

The End

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