Princess In Disguise; Part One

I wrote this story for Dawn’s birthday. I hope you like it.

              Jayla tossed her lock of curly hair from her perspiring face. This wasn’t supposed to be so hard.

              A smile spread across her face as she thought of her plan. It was going perfectly. If only she could open this door, then her plan would be going much better. The lock had jammed, and she couldn’t get the key from its jaws.

              She wiggled it once more, finally yanking it from its grasp. She slid through the door and was out of the castle. Jayla glanced behind her. An anxious line creased across her face as she thought of what would become of her if Jared decided to spill her secret. She had paid him well. It was the most she had spent on a bribe as of yet. She flicked her hair and stopped worrying. Jared wouldn’t dare double cross her. If he did, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

              Jayla started to jog into the city. The sun was coming up and she’d better hurry just in case Jared did get brave enough and tell her parents.

              Once in the city, she hired a horse, secured her pack, and was off.


              After a three-day journey on horse from the city, Jayla found herself getting quite tired of just riding. As soon as she reached the next village, she decided she could stop for a while and perhaps stay if the village proved any good.

The village she came upon was small but still larger than most. It had a calming atmosphere about it. She started to look for a neat place to stay.

              As she walked down the trodden streets, Jayla gave herself a small pat on the back. She was free to do whatever she wanted to for a whole month. Right at the moment she wanted a warm inn to rest in for the night, and Thina’s Dine and Inn looked awfully inviting.

              Jayla trudged through the wooden doors and was met with the pleasant smell of stew cooking. An open fire in the middle of the room lit the sitting area where a dozen or so men were finishing up their meals, and a crowd of elderly women sat knitting and chatting in the corner. The bartender was an old lady who appeared to be bolstering with energy.

              Although the crowd didn’t seem too uproarious, Jayla wanted to get in on any fun to be had.

              “Howdy, ya’ll.” She said in a loud cheery voice. Instantly every head turned in her direction, and the crowd of people huddled in the inn broke into smiles. A cheer went up in the room at the newcomer.

              Jayla smiled and turned to the counter.

              “What would you like, darling.” The old lady asked.

              “I would like the best stew sold in this here place.”

              As the old lady began making her order, Jayla attracted quite a group of interested parties. Soon, a thousand questions flew her way.

              “Where ya from?”

              “What’s yer name?”

              “Did ya hear the news?”

              Apparently, everyone wanted to know who this drop-dead gorgeous girl was.

              Jayla looked around and smiled. She took the chance to stand on her chair and present herself.

              “I’m Jayla. I’m from around these beautiful regions. I seek adventure and freedom.”

              “Ya said ye seek adventure?” An older man asked.

              “Aye, my fair friend. I seek adventure, for boredom is rather boring, and I do fear I’ve had enough of that in my life.”

              “Well, let me be telling ye the news. A mysterious beast is wondering these here parts. It’s a coldbarrow dragon, is what it is. No one around knows how to fight it.” The older man told Jayla.

              “Well, all you need is a sword, huh?” Jayla answered, fearing nothing.

              “I suppose. I never done fought a dragon.” One uncut man stated.

              “Well, I don’t see why I couldn’t get rid of this dragon. Where did you guys last see him?”

              “Three miles west in the cliffs is where the dragon lives.”

              The older man came near to Jayla and looked deeply in her eyes with an expression of sorrow. “My dear daughter perished by the dragon. I would go after him meself, but I’m too old to wield a sword. I’m so glad you’re willing to do this here thing. I’ve been looking for the perfect person to get the revenge on this beast. If you could bring me back the head, I would forever and ever be grateful to you. I just need that head. I’d pay anything for the head of the beast.”

              “Sir, I will do my very best. I’ll bring back the head for you.”

              She gave him her best smile. This would be so easy. Get a dragon for the poor old man and win the hearts of the people. She really only wanted an adventure. This was the perfect opportunity.

              “Thank you, darling.”


              The next morning, Jayla explored the streets of the village, looking for a sword. Shop after shop, the stores only seemed to sell clothes or food. Finally, she came across a small shop selling forged knives and weapons.

              She walked into the musty smelling store and noticed immediately the most beautiful weapon she’d ever seen in her life. She felt herself instantly drawn to it. The diamond on the handle complemented the silver medal blade. She picked up the sword from the table and ran her finger over it, with a contented sigh.

              “Ahh, you like that one, do you?” An old crackly voice startled her. She whirled around to see an old trader.

              “Oh, yes. How much is it?”

              “Fifty goldens.” He said, expecting to see a surprised expression on Jayla’s face, but she quickly pulled a bag of them from her satchel. “Ten extra for the low price.” She gave a funky smile and nodded her goodbye, leaving with her purchase.

              The shocked storekeeper broke from his reverie to give her the sheath she was about to leave behind.

              “Thanks. Have a good day.” Jayla waved goodbye. She had business to do.

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