Foraging Venture

It was the foggy day of Sunday. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. The outside clouds threatened to rain and the trees swayed with the wind; it was the perfect time for foraging, as Indy Wild said. And he was going to do just that. When he offered for me to come along, I couldn’t resist the excitement of such an adventure. I swept up my camera bag, pulled back my hair, and changed my clothes. When I was ready, we hurried to a beautiful area, near a large pond.

We dug full-fledge in, starting with some wild dew berries. A tasty treat for the weary. Although they are much smaller than blackberries, they are just as sweet!

Going around to the edge of the pond, we found several lily pads, sprouting white against the green. Just looking at them reminds me how wonderful God is, and how much He has gifted us as stewards of His Creation.

We journeyed on, searching for different plants and vines.

We also saw quite a few other animals/bugs as well!

God has made so many wonderful things that we can enjoy. My heart is full with awe at how great our God is! Let us praise Him for all He has done! 🙂

Big thanks to Indy Wild.

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