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Indy’s Green Burgers!

When Indy Wild told me to sit down, I didn’t really have much of a choice. I was to eat whatever he had spent the last hour making.

Indy had been gone a few hours previously, gathering some wild greens. The next thing I knew was that a leafy burger was being served to me.

I looked down at his veggie burger patties, determining that they looked much better than what was to be expected of weeds. I took a bite in my hand, preparing to try what I supposed to be very bitter.

Well. I was wrong in my presumptions.

As you can see on my face, I was totally not expecting that. It was super delicious, I’m not kidding. To me it tasted like a veggie chakli kabab. I thought it was actually really good tasting.

I told Dawn “I know who’s house I going to go to when the Apocalypse comes.” Indy made his vegetables/weeds worthy to be served to kings.

Indy Wild did a good job on his greens burgers. Thanks, Indy, for letting me try them😊. And thank You, Lord, for making the plants used.

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