Faithfulness To The Utmost

I want to tell you a story about God’s faithfulness. It’s about my little sister.

After we had returned home on one of our trips, my sister was looking for her purse. She looked and looked for it around the house and everything, but to no avail. She told my mom about her problem, and my mom suggested she pray about it. So, they prayed that they would find it.

Still, she couldn’t find it, but moved on.

Several months later, we were expectantly in Thailand. We decided to go to our favorite pizza restaurant. As we were being seated, a person who worked there came up with my little sister’s purse! She had evidently left it there when we were in Thailand the last time. The people there remembered us after so many months and returned the purse. It was a miracle from God.

God answered her prayer. His faithfulness is unmatched.

“Your faithfulness endures to all generations.”

Psalms 119:90 

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