A Road Trip: Part One; Thermal Vents

When we started the three hour drive, I never expected to see so many wonderful things in one day. And all I can do is thank the Lord.

Instead of gazing out the window the whole time, I found myself immersed in a Jannette Oke book, which I enjoyed I’m sure more than the grassy hills that we passed (I did look up a few times😉). Finally, we rolled to our first stop and stepped out to a sulfuric smell. We were at the thermal springs.

I came up to a small pool, more surprised to see the opaque water than the steam rising from it.

There were more pools than I had first imagined. We wandered around the park, gazing at the bubbling hot pools.

We even saw some thermal vents that didn’t have water surrounding them.

After a couple minutes of observing and exploring the vents, we headed back to our car for the next part of our wonderful day. Thank You, Lord, for something so special as this.

I can’t wait to share more with you guys.

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