Areana Walking

Okay, I kind of fell in love with Areana and Leli. So, today, I couldn’t help but try my hand with the pencil and see what came up. I took it from this scene, which is actually from the next chapter, but I’ll let you guys sneak-peak at it to see if I captured it correctly on paper.

Leli had fallen asleep on Areana’s shoulder. The hours had passed slowly for Areana as she walked with a child in her arms and a basket of potatoes trailing. She was tired, yet the city seemed still too close.

After another hour, she reached a decent clearing where she promptly sat down. Laying Leli down on the forest floor, Areana spread her quilt flat and brought Leli close to her. Minutes later, sleep overcame her.

And here is the picture that I drew.

I had bunch of fun doing this. If you ever have time, definitely try to write a snippet of literature and see if you can capture it on paper.

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